How does cigarette smoking affect oral health?

by Anna

Smoking has a very negative impact on our health, and this also applies to oral hygiene. Bad breath is just one of many problems. What other consequences may await smokers?

A blackened smile

Discolouration and plaque on our teeth is the first, immediately visible effect of smoking. The tar in cigarettes has a decisive influence on this condition. Professional whitening treatments have little or no effect. Our smile is our calling card, it affects how we are perceived. It also has a bearing on our professional and personal lives. Changing the colour of our teeth is part and parcel of the effects of smoking.

Caries attacks

The nicotine contained in cigarettes is responsible for the addiction process. But it is not the only one. It greatly accelerates the development of caries. Oral hygiene becomes severely compromised. Caries in itself is very dangerous. It leads to a process of cavity formation, destruction of teeth and, as a result, tooth loss. It can also lead to all sorts of complications that will affect our entire body. Nicotine significantly accelerates all decay processes, thus increasing the risk to our health.

Diseased gums

Healthy gums? Not possible if we smoke cigarettes. Smoking generally lowers our body’s resistance to various infections. This means that in the case of gingivitis, its course will be much more severe for smokers. In addition, one of the initial symptoms of this disease is bleeding gums. Nicotine reduces the blood supply to the vessels, thus reducing bleeding. This makes it very difficult to diagnose early and thus to implement treatment early enough.

Fresh breath is very important

Smoking has a very negative effect on the freshness of our breath. Very often, even toothpaste designed for smokers do not help. Bad breath means many complications and unpleasant situations in our everyday life. It also affects how we are perceived by those around us.

The best solution would be to stop smoking completely. Otherwise, mouthwashes can also help. They help us to keep our breath fresh. In addition, they contain ingredients that care for the gums and prevent decay. If you are a smoker, you should make the decision to purchase and regularly use a suitable mouthwash as soon as possible.

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